Move it!

I just finished watching the movie Julie & Julia. And, I must say, it inspired me. The movie is about two women, Julie and Julia (woohoo, who guessed that one!) both with dreams, an enormous amout of setbacks, but most of all: perseverance.

This blog, I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now. But I found the hardest obstacle to be the topic. I wanted it to be specific, but about what then? I’m interested in SOOOOO many things, I attempt to love everything I do, I found it extremely difficult to just ‘pick something and stick with it’.

So from now on you will be getting a brutally honest blog, and in it you will find the things I do every day, to make myself a better person every day. That is something I’ve been working on for a while, with and without success. So in a way it’s a way to force myself to keep at it (let’s be honest now), but it’s just as much because I want to inspire YOU to become a better version of yourself too. Why? Because you can.

My mother was always talking about some Brian Tracy guy, and as every good (even grown up) child, I always just dismissed it. Until I fiiiinally looked him up on YouTube. And now I swear by him. No seriously, I have learnt so much thanks to him already, and now I really feel I should pass it on. But: as I experience it and how I implement it. So it’s not just pass the parcel, I want to talk to you about what it looks like in real life. The victories, the setbacks, overcoming the setbacks, and picking myself up and starting again. And again. Aaaand… again.

I am focusing on one specific action/ habit/ aspect every week, working on just that one thing all week long, and telling you all about it. This week: Getting the ball rolling again. No more postponing, just getting it done and getting back into active mode.

As Brian Tracy says: “Take action, and take action today.”

(In the picture above, you see a very proud me by the way, showing the medal I had won an hour earlier, after participating in the Spartacus Run: a 10km run with 25+ obstacles. I chose this one as I found it suiting: after a lot of training and perseverance, with often a lot of discipline involved, you WILL get there! And it will all pay off šŸ™‚ So let’s go for it! :-D)

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